Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Pennhurst: Friday night's storm

OCTOBER 9, 10 11 

Wicked rain and wind didn't stop the Pennhurst Asylum from opening its doors to the public Friday night. Fans still came to the haunt for a fright-filled evening.  Ghost hunt drew a slower paced crowd. Once again, people were getting pictures of orbs and shadow people. 

Saturday night turned out to be seasonally cold. People came from all around Pennsylvania, many traveling from other states. Mayflower Hall was bursting with energy from the rowdier folks, eager to seek out ghosts in a darkened environment. Someone reported the sighting of a little girl spirit on the 1st floor. Another claimed something breathed down his neck. Many aren't sure of Mayflower's paranormal activity. A few went away believers, others not so certain. But Mayflower made them think about it. 

Sunday night was damp and cool. But the drizzle stopped and fresh air traveled up the 2nd-floor staircase. The main hallway appeared foggy and mystical. Since the other attractions begin before ours, ghost hunt was slow to start. A few guests had the place to themselves though a few were looking over their shoulders. Reports began of invisible touching. This is not new to Mayflower, but it was happening in a pretty steady draw. Women reported having their hair tugged or a hand touch their head. This happened for most of the night. After all, Mayflower was a male ward. It's not surprising that these reports mostly come from females. 

A family arrived that has been coming to ghost hunt for the past four years. These folks had numerous interactions with the spirits in Mayflower, sharing them with me over the years. The son managed to catch a voice recording though it was hard to tell what was said. He was alone at the time, in the back hallway off the main staircase. Someone else shared a really great picture of our shadowy nurse from the previous year. Others were getting some pretty interesting pictures. 

As the night continued, I found myself walking up and down the hallway, pointing out areas of interest. But as I was standing in the middle of the hallway, invisible fingers touched my hair. This happened off and on for about fifteen minutes. Restlessly, I moved around, trying to shake off the sensation. If I had a hat, I would have probably shoved it down over my head. 

Ghost hunt will be open this Thursday night. This is a great time to explore Mayflower without the heavier weekend crowds. Come early and get to spend some alone time with the spirits. 

Hopefully, they will touch you and not me...:) 

Author Tamera Lawrence


PENNHURST GHOSTS OF MAYFLOWER II or you can buy the books at Pennhurst 

Pennhurst is located in Spring City, Pennsylvania