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Last Weekend: Pennhurst Haunt: October 29, 30, 31 & November 1st 2015

Over the course of four days, Ghost Hunt had been filled with curious folks, unsure of Mayflower’s haunted reputation. We had a lot of return guests, who shared their Mayflower experiences. Past and present photos of orbs, shadows and faces were shared.Eagerly, customers went on a ghost hunt, looking for that special picture, cell phones in hands. 

Our first-floor bat made quite a show, flapping his wings, flying low to the ground and scaring people. Since I handled the front foyer for entering guests, I was in a direct line for our creepy friend. As I was warning a group of people about the bat, he suddenly showed up near my feet. Midsentence, my voice ended in a scream.  

Here are a few other highlights of the weekend.

THURSDAY night, I had reason to be in Mayflower’s basement to help a coworker set alarms. Blackness greeted us upon entering the main hallway. Our flashlights were pitiful in the bleakness, casting eerie shadows against the walls. Mike was in front of me, when he jumped, startled. His flashlight had lit upon something in the middle of the room, something that reflected the light. This invisible thing was about the size of a person. Within seconds it vanished. Cold air descended upon us, giving us both chills. Mike snapped a couple of pictures. We completed our task, keeping a wary eye on our surroundings. Both of us were unnerved by the experience.

On SUNDAYnight,  Mike went down into the basement to gather up the alarms. Usually, I accompany him, but I was following the last of our guests as they explored Mayflower. When Mike came up, his face was ash white. He was touching his ear.

“Something hit me in the ear.” He was clearly freaked out. “I was walking across the room when I felt a burning sting.”

Indeed, something had sliced the top of his ear, leaving it scratched and bleeding. White flecks of something covered his shoulder.
After Mike composed himself, he shared a picture he had taken in the basement. In one pic, something hovered by one of the pillars, murky and just out of sight. It was as if it were hiding behind the pillar. In the next picture, it had vanished. 

“This was the same area that I got hit,” Mike said.

“Something doesn’t like you down there,” I said.

When I left for the evening, I thought about my past five years working in Mayflower. Several paranormal experiences flickered through my mind, leaving me cold.  I have no doubt Mayflower was and is still haunted. Not only have I heard voices, seen shadow people and orbs, but I had once seen a full-fledged ghost walking down the middle of the second-floor hallway. The outline of his body was distinctive, but I could see through him. For whatever reason, he had revealed himself. I don’t know what he wanted, but the experience was unnerving.

In any event, Mayflower Hall is an exceptional building for anyone looking to ghost hunt.

**** IF you don't get a chance to visit Pennhurst or the Mayflower Hall Building, you can still walk through the building in one or both of my books.

Ghosts of Mayflower: A Pennhurst Haunting
Pennhurst Ghosts of Mayflower II


Author Tamera Lawrence