Monday, October 17, 2016



On Saturday evening, I captured a picture of the little girl ghost that roams the Mayflower Hall Building at Pennhurst Asylum. She is standing on the steps that lead to 2nd-floor.  There also appears to be another spirit to the left of the girl, who blends in with the railing.  A feeling washed over me that something was standing on the steps and I went with it and took the picture. We were closing up the building for the  night.

This isn't the first time a girl in white has been seen in Mayflower. In fact, it is the norm. For the past six years, people have been either seeing her or getting pictures of her during paranormal hunts or at  Pennhurst's annual Halloween attraction. 

Pennhurst Asylum is located at the notorious Pennhurst State School & Hospital (1908-1987) 

Want to know more about Mayflower's Ghosts? Check out Ghosts of Mayflower:  A Pennhurst Haunting & Pennhurst Ghosts of Mayflower II.  Books are available 


Author Tamera Lawrence