Tuesday, October 25, 2016



The catwalk at the old Pennhurst State School & Hospital can be rather creepy at night. This part of the catwalk is just behind the Quaker building. The area to the left is thick with foliage and trees - to condensed to even walk in the area. A staff member has been guarding this part of the walkway during the annual Halloween entertainment. This member has reported seeing shadows in this area. He also said he feels like something is watching him.  But the worst part for this gentleman is the night he was touched on the shoulder by an unseen hand. Clearly, it had unnerved him. 

Customers have also gotten pictures of orbs and faces in the trees.

So, that being said, I stopped and took a couple of pictures in this area. I captured a blue orb, seemingly near the railing. This orb then took flight and fluttered off into the trees. This is the four pictures I managed to capture. There was no one else around when I took these pictures. It was late at night.

Pennhurst is a fascinating place to visit. The entire property has a haunting, serene quality that can be felt by many visitors. I can describe it as the past seemingly merging with the present - even if for just a moment. 

Pennhurst State School and Hosptial was originally opened 1908-1987. It sat empty for many, many years. 

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This coming weekend, October 27, 28, 20, 30th will be Pennhurst Asylum's final Halloween debut. 

Hope to see you there! 

Tamera Lawrence