Monday, June 5, 2017

Oh those Chairs

Some claim this ball moves around. It certainly appeared in motion in this pic.

Chairs are sporadically placed around Mayflower Hall. Most, if not all of the chairs are original to the State School & Hospital. One only has to look around. Some are made of rubber, others wood. Most are dusty, faded and old.

The most profound chair in Mayflower is, of course, the wheelchair. There's nothing like coming upon it in the dark. Currently, the wheelchair is located on the 3rd floor but there could be plans to move it downstairs.

Wheelchair on the 3rd floor. Notice the missing wheels.

As much as I would miss seeing the wheelchair on the 3rd floor, it would be a nice addition to the museum. 

Seat Anyone?
1st Floor Mayflower

Old commode

Pennhurst State School is located in Spring City, Pa (1908-1986) 

Author Tamera Lawrence 

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