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Jun 12, 13

Read in June, 2013

I knew very little about the Pennhurst Asylum until now. It was featured on Tru Bio Celebrity Ghost Stories with Beverly Mitchell of 7th Heaven. Beverly was filming a paranormal movie in 2010 and what she experienced changed her life. When Beverly put her hands on a window it was ice cold even though it was 90 degrees outside. The ground was also cold and later she found out she was standing over the morque. There are many underground tunnels, too. "The spirits didn't want us near those grounds."

The author Tamera Lawrence is an excellent, competent, credible writer who uses descriptive words that flow smoothly into the story and also includes pictures that are fascinating and frightening! The Chapters are dated so everything is chronological which is nice and no skipping around. The picture taken in her yard had a red lighting bolt with a creepy face on the end. She had two pictures left on the roll of film from the Asylum and decided to take two pictures at her house. The lighting bolt is shown but the other picture Tamera won't reveal because it's too creepy.

Tamera has had psychic phenomenom from an early age. She briefly mentions this in this terrific book and entices me to learn more about this. She also mentions prayer, God, and has compassion for people.

The Pennhurst Asylum was a dumping ground from 1908 to 1986 for children misunderstood. There was torture including pulling out all of the teeth of patients in The Breaking Room. There was a lot of pain and suffering. When the asylum closed some of the patients went into nursing homes, family, and even some returned back to the empty buildings.

What I don't understand is why Pennhurst was turned into an amusement attraction similar to Halloween. These are spirits, entities, and energy of people or things that either need help or just plain evil. People don't realize there could be ramifications to their health and well being. Can an entity/evil spirit hurt you and/or follow you home? If you don't know why take a chance? I couldn't fathom bringing children to this place much less one who is four years old! This could scar kids emotionally for life.

With all that said I enjoyed the book immensely and glad I read it. Thank you for sharing your story.