Friday, April 10, 2015

THE MANY FACES OF MAYFLOWER HALL: Pennhurst State School & Hospital Pa

The middle building is the Mayflower Hall, Pennhurst. Shaped like an L, the Mayflower appearance varies in pictures depending on the angle of the shot.  The above image is of the building's side facing the parking lot. 

This is Mayflower, roadside. It's creepy windows have a great view of the courtyard. Ghostly images are often captured in the window panes. 

The above image is of the Mayflower Hall Building, catwalk side, which I consider the true entrance into the building. Known for its paranormal activity, Mayflower is truly a spectacle. 

Coming Soon: Pennhurst: Ghost of Mayflower II due out Spring 2015. 

AUTHOR: Tamera Lawrence