Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Known for its paranormal activity, the Mayflower Hall building always keeps me guessing. Having worked in this building for the Pennhurst haunt for five years has been an amazing experience due to the unexpected events that often occur. 

Over the course of the years, I have witnessed shadow people, orbs and have heard unexplained voices. I have had my hair touched, backed into someone who wasn't there and have tripped over something invisible in the main hallway. (felt like a body) 

I believe something had followed me home and had later returned to this building. (because of photos) 

 I had also witnessed an apparition of a young teenager walking down the main hallway. This was the most unnerving of all my experiences because he had allowed me to see him. He had entered the room across from me and had stood between the two windows, staring at me. At the time, I froze in terror, not sure what to do. He faded away. 

My paranormal experiences don't keep me from working in Mayflower. I'm  intrigued by the invisible life within this building but know better than to let myself get to close. Instead, I protect myself with my faith. For without it, I could never work in this building. 

In any event, the photo of the room above was taken on the 2nd floor of Mayflower. The windows don't have glass. I believe I have captured something in the right-hand corner of the window, peeking in at me. This was not part of the wall. And since I know it haunted, it's not hard to believe it was an entity. 

 Also, check out the orb. There is a lot of dust in Mayflower, (fooling some guests) but there are true orbs. I have seen them with the naked eye and so has customers. 

Author Tamera Lawrence