Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mayflower Hall: Penhurst

This is a room in the basement of the Mayflower Hall Building, Pennhurst. As you can see there are toys scattered about. The items are not original to the building but were put there by various paranormal groups in the hopes of connecting with a child spirit. But the truth is that Mayflower Hall was a men's dormitory, not a children's ward. 

The basement beneath Mayflower is huge, cut up into various rooms. The basement also held a bathroom and laundry facilities. These rooms were used during the state school's operation for various activities.

Mayflower's basement is attached to the tunnel system, which leads to most of the other buildings. 

Cold, dark and creepy, Mayflower's basement holds a lot of paranormal activity. Service men have even fled the basement in fear, leaving their tools behind. 

Below is a picture of the dividers that once held toilets. 

Basement bathroom in Mayflower

Author Tamera Lawrence


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