Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Book Review
Readers\' Favorite Book Contest Award Winner
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A closed insane asylum lies quietly rotting in the bleak North-Atlantic sun. Yet, it seems that some of its residents, both children and adult, are still inside. The Pennhurst Asylum is one of America's most haunted residences. Its history is dark and traumatic, with most of the patients suffering painful abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the staff. Tamera Lawrence brings us into this dark world to experience this haunting past and wonder about the present residents in her book Ghosts of Mayflower. With enough facts, stories, and insights to turn even the toughest critic white with fear, this is a ghost story that is truly worthy of the name. 

You can tell that Tamera Lawrence spent a lot of time researching this project. The history and attention to detail is impeccable and very informative. The description of each haunting is wonderful and eerie. You feel as if you are really there, and that at any second something is going to jump out and grab you. The mysterious and scary nature of the stories have a deeper impact, knowing that this is no work of fiction, and that these experiences or many like them have been shared by real people. Any fan of ghost hunting and the like will be thrilled by this haunting book. It's up to you if you believe in the captivating stories within, or if you know that the dead stay buried. Either way, Ghosts of Mayflower is a fun read for anyone who enjoys ghost stories