Friday, November 18, 2016


Working in the Mayflower Hall Building at Pennhurst State School & Hospital is and has always been a fascinating experience. 

This is a picture I had taken in October 2016. It was taken in the Mayflower Hall building, 2nd floor. A female employee is walking into the main Hallway, just off the day or common room. If you look at the doorway across from her, you will notice what appears to be a large figure with a face. Now this room is roped off, not only in the hallway but also across the doorway. The room is also void of furniture, except for a filing cabinet, not seen from this angle.
Customers aren't allowed into this room. 

So who or what is standing near the entrance, appearing to be peeking out into the hall? 

Currently, Pennhurst is used as a Halloween Attraction. Ghost Hunt is located in the Mayflower Building.

Mayflower is known for its paranormal actvity. 

Mayflower Hall is just one of the many buildings still standing at the old Pennhurst State School and Hospital. Pennhurst was opened in 1908-1987

Author Tamera Lawrence 
Ghosts of Mayflower: A Pennhurst Haunting 
Pennhurst Ghosts of Mayflower II