Friday, March 3, 2017


Anyone familiar with the Mayflower Hall Building has heard  rumors of the building's haunted atmosphere. 

Although there are many skeptics, there are just as many believers. 

One of the spirits that linger in the building are that of a little girl dressed in white. Some that call her Mary, while others called her Emily. 

Perhaps there are several of these spirits. The problem lies with the fact that Mayflower Hall was once a male dormitory. It makes one wonder as to the gender issue.

After working in this building during the annual Halloween attraction, (Pennhurst Asylum) I can attest that I've not only seen this girl but believe I have captured her image upon occasion. I saw her dart across an open doorway. Another time, I saw her in the hallway. She is quite fast, moving from room to room.

The one problem of getting a decent picture in the building is that whenever one does so, it's often grainy, smeared or blurred. 

Which leads me to the above image. 

After closing up the building for the night, I had a feeling that something was standing  on the stair landing of the 2nd floor. Going with my intuition, I snapped several photos. This is the result of one of the shots. 

Now since I am familiar with this little girl's image, I can clearly make her out. There seem to be other spirits in this photo. 

But even if you don't believe, the picture is interesting in itself. I can attest to its authentic nature. I always try to debunk Mayflower and have found time after time that what goes on it the building is real. 

The Mayflower Hall building is located at the old Pennhurst State School and Hosptial in Spring City, Pa. It closed down in 1986 with the last of the residents leaving December 1987.

"So Do you Believe in Ghosts?" 

I do, 

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Author Tamera Lawrence