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Added to the Pennhurst State School and Hospital compound in 1919, the Mayflower Hall building became part of what was considered the lower campus.It housed males. This towering building holds three floors and a complex basement filled with various rooms. 

Anyone familiar with theMayflower Hall can attest to its spooky atmosphere. When the sun sets, the building seems to prematurely darken on its own accord. Shadows play against the walls. The atmosphere cools. One might catch movement in a corner or something drifting across the hallway. But quick as a wink, one will pause, wondering as to what occurred? An unbeliever might shake it off as just a fluke. But a believer will feel the seal of knowledge of the unknown. 

Mayflower: Main hallway, 1st Floor

In the 2017 haunt season, Mayflower was up to her tricks. Guests of the Mayflower After Dark tour reported being touched, mostly on the head or hand. Some event staff of Mayflower reported seeing apparitions or having their hair stroked. Photos taken of orbs, faces, and shadows were common. 

Another guide witnessed a walker abruptly flipping onto its side. Still, another spoke of having his shoelaces untied over and over again, despite securing them.  
Did this walker flip over on its own? 

The rear lot of Mayflower is also a hot spot for ghost sightings. Reports of a drifting spirit who exits the Mayflower and then disappears into the Quaker Building have been alleged. Another sighting included a spirit following a stray kitten. 
Quaker Hall: Behind Mayflower Hall 

  1. Pennhurst State School (Spring City, Pa 1908-1987) continues to be a hot spot for ghost enthusiasts and even skeptics. And the mystery continues...

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Author Tamera Lawrence