Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Saturday night (Sept 27, 14) proved to be a great night for ghost hunting in the Mayflower Building. The evening started out with a paranormal element when a co-worker heard a child giggling on the 1st floor of Mayflower. The 2nd floor seemed darker than usual. Warm and humid, the hallway had short burst of icy air. Orbs and hazy lights were showing up in pictures.

As I stood in the main hallway, staring into the common or day room, I saw a man and woman standing near a chair. They were talking quietly. On the top of the woman’s head, a large bun was neatly attached. As I watched, the bun began to loosen as it was gently pulled upward until the hair was starting to break from its hold. It was as if a hand had grabbed it and was unraveling her hair. The knot stretched further upward. Then she screamed, grabbing her head. “Oh my God, something is touching me.”

The Mayflower Building is part of the Pennhurst Asylum - during the Halloween Season. Pennhurst, formally a state institute for the mental and physically handicapped (1908-1986) is located in Spring City, Pa. 

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